Biden-Harris team appoints more White House staff, among them Indian-American climate expert

Sonia Aggarwal appointed to incoming Biden-Harris White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy on Jan. 14, 2021. Photo:

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, announced a slew of new appointees to various policy positions in the White House staff Jan. 14, 2021. Among them is Sonia Aggarwal, who has been appointed senior advisor for Climate Policy and Innovation in the White House Office of Domestic Climate Policy

Aggarwal was a co-founder and the vice president of Energy Innovation, a company that seeks to deliver high quality research and original analysis to policymakers across the globe.

While at Energy Innovation, she acted as founding executive director of the Climate Imperative project; led America’s Power Plan, bringing together 200 electricity policy experts.

In this position, she also directed the team that developed the Energy Policy Simulator to analyze the environmental, economic, and public health impacts of climate and energy policies, the press release from the Transition Team said.

Before that, Aggarwal managed global research at ClimateWorks Foundation, where she worked on the McKinsey carbon abatement cost curves and led research for the American Energy Innovation Council.

Born and raised in Ohio, Aggarwal graduated from Haverford College in astronomy and physics, and earned a masters at Stanford University in civil engineering




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