Asian American Republican Coalition meets N.J. Gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciattarelli.

The Asian American Republican Coalition held a meet-and-greet with New Jersey gubernatorial nominee Jack Ciattarelli Oct. 23, 2021. Seen in photo are Ankur Vaidya, chairman of Federation of Indian Associations NYNJCT, speaking at left, and at right, Hemant Bhatt, found and chairman of AARC with Ciattarelli. Photo: courtesy AARC.

The Asian American Republican Coalition, AARC, held a meet-and-greet Oct. 23, 2021, with Jack Ciattarelli, Republican nominee for Governor of New Jersey.

Hemant Bhatt, founder and chairman of AARC, welcomed Ciattrelli and attendees and briefly narrated the activities of AARC which is a non-profit organization , envisioned  in 2016 and established in 2018 to bring all Asians including Indian-Americans on one platform, a press release from AARC quoted him saying. Its aim has been to represent them at various levels of Government, as well as to educate them about the U.S. Constitution, citizenship, voting rights, and the political system, as well as to train Asian candidates to run for political office and undertake social upliftment causes and healthcare initiatives, Bhatt detailed.

He contended that Ciattarelli was the right candidate to work for the safety and security of people of New Jersey, usher in a strong economy, and lower the taxes, urging those present not only to vote for him, but also spread a strong message to the friends and families to vote for him.

Sanjiv Pandya, known for his long association with Radio, TV and media, welcomed the large gathering consisting of community leaders, entrepreneurs, school and college teachers and professors, as well as doctors, engineers, supporters, friends and families of AARC members.

Pandya stressed that this year’s gubernatorial elections wer ‘very crucial and important’ and among the most watched races in the country, a press release from AARC said.

According to Pandya, recent polls show the gap is narrowing between Ciattarelli and incumbent Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy.

Deepak Malhotra, co-founder of AARC, who hosted the event described Ciattarelli as the “strong and desirable candidate” much needed to bring the change in the lives of New Jersey communities. According to Malhotra, school education needed immediate attention, and taxes should be reduced for betterment of families and the middle-class.

Ankur Vaidya, chairman of Federation of Indian Associations of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, expressed concerns about the disruption of supply chains, high taxes, high prices and overall inflationary trends in economy. He urged Ciattarelli to restore the state’s economy and to take care of peoples’ wellbeing, expressing the hope that the Republican would win with a big margin.

In his speech, Ciattarelli said if elected, he would pay attention to reducing property taxes, growing the economy, standing with law enforcement, and bringing people together to a peaceful and prosperous state.

Asians and particularly Indian Americans, he said, “are very civilized, cultured, educated and peace-loving communities which have contributed to a great extent to make the economy sound,” the press release said. He appealed to them to vote for him and get him elected so he could accomplish his agenda.

Padma Shri Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of Parikh Worldwide Media and ITV Gold, sent his best wishes to Ciattarelli and expressed his hope the Republican would be elected come Nov. 2.



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