Asian American Republican Coalition holds first meeting in New Jersey

The Asian American Republican Coalition held its first meeting in New Jersey at Akbar Restaurant Feb. 19, 2022. Seen in photo, Speaking (standing) is Founder and Chairman of AARC Hemant Bhatt, flanked by Deepak Malhotra, right, and Sridhar Chillara, left, vice chairmen and co-founders. Photo: courtesy Hemant Bhatt.

The Asian American Republican Coalition, a non-profit organization previously known as SARC, held what it described as a “warm up” meeting at Akbar Restaurant in New Jersey, Feb. 19, 2022.

The meeting was attended by Republican leaders, community leaders and independent like-minded persons, the AARC said in a press release.

Founded by Hemant Bhatt, chairman, with Sridhar Chillara, and Deepak Malhotra, the purpose of the Feb. 19 meeting “was to give opportunity to invitees about what we should do for Asian American Communities to strengthen awareness about many challenges they are facing and to address them effectively,” the organizers said.

Bhatt, a former member of Indian Voices for Trump Coalition Advisory Board, welcomed all invitees and gave some background about AARC, its mission, goals and objectives. The AARC, he indicated, is planning to take up numerous subjects in a bid to educate the community, such as learning English, and projects related to social upliftment, healthcare, in-person and virtual education classes, training and seminars, as well as symposiums on the U.S. Constitution, U.S. political system, raising awareness of voting rights and voting systems, how to become U.S. Citizens, Citizenship exams, who can run for political offices, laws governing political fundraising and spending and many community welfare targeted programs.

Chillara outlined the roadmap of AARC to undertake future activities for Asian American communities. He also said that AARC will put up state-level executive committees and a national level Board of Directors to pursue the organization’s objectives.

Malhotra thanked all invitees for attending the meeting and appealed for their support AARC in undertaking the  various activities outlined by Bhatt and Chillara.

A section of he audience at the Akbar Restaurant in New Jersey attending the first meeting of the Asian American Republican Coalition Feb. 19, 2022. Photo: Hemant Bhatt

Those attending the meeting included Juned Quazi, Councilman, Manalapan, N.J; Ravi Kolla; Yagnesh Chokshi [AARC- President, PA]; Sanjeev Pandya; Nimish Patel; Jinesh Patel; Neeta Ramekar; Dev Makkar; Micky Chopra; Rima (no last name included); Vinnie Mahajan; Venkat (no last name included), Jigar Shah; Vihal Patel; Bob Tailor, and others, many of whom expressed their views and full support to AARC and its activities.

Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman, Parikh Worldwide Media, an  advisor to AARC and long time well wisher, could not attend the meeting but expressed full support to AARC and its activities.



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