South Asian Coalition launched at NJGOP event with eye on November elections

Jack Ciattarelli speaking to attendees at the October 14, 2022, launch of the South Asian Coalition as part of NJGOP, in Iselin, NJ. Photo: ITV Gold

The South Asian Coalition was launched at the  New Jersey Republican Party gathering October 14, 2022, at the APA Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey.

The event was attended by a slew of Republican candidates running for Congress in the November 8 general elections, as well as state party leaders who interacted with members of the Indian-American community and other South Asian Americans.

Bob Healy, candidate for Congress from District 3, said he was very happy to be there and wished everyone a Happy Diwali. “It is so, so important (that) we as Republicans, make sure we’ve got a bit tent and we’re inclusive, and we’ve got a community like the South Asian community involved in what we are doing,” Healy said to ITV Gold, the network which is part of Parikh Worldwide Media and was covering the event.

Bob Hugin, State Chairman, New Jersey Republican State Committee, dressed in Indian kurta, speaks to Dr. Sudhir Parikh at the October 14, 2022, launch of the South Asian Coalition as part of NJGOP, in Iselin, NJ. Photo: ITV Gold

Dr. Sudhir Parikh, chairman of ITV Gold and Parikh Worldwide Media recalled he was a “trailblazer of the Indian community, in supporting Republican philosophy and Republican ideas and ideology.” He was among those who started a national level Republican organization of Indian-Americans. “And over the years we had so many fundraisers for Republican Presidents and other candidates.”

Priti Pandya Patel of the South Asian Coalition, told ITV Gold there were several elected officials, and “some amazing candidates’ on the ticket, as well as South Asians “from every single county in New Jersey, at the event.

Dr. Parikh also spoke to Tom Kean Jr., candidate for the U.S. Congress, and assured him of support.

Some of the other candidates present included Sue Kiley, candidate for Congress from New Jersey’s District 6, currently represented by Congressman Frank Pallone, introduced herself and wished a Happy Diwali to all.

Senator Sam Thompson said he had been working with South Asians for many years and noted that “very important elections were coming up” in November, and voters should support Republicans.

Former State Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli called the formation of the NJGOP South Asian Coalition as a “very important development” adding, “Its good for the Republican Party and the South Asian community.”

Tonight, “the formation of he Coalition is a kind of an acknowledgement of shared values between the Republican Party and South Asian Americans,” said Ciattarelli who was wearing a silk achkan for the occasion.

A section of the audience at the October 14, 2022, event of the NJGOP in Iselin, NJ, where the South Asian Coalition was launched. Photo: ITV Gold

Darius Mayfield, candidate for Congress from New Jersey’s 12th Congressional district, said he was very honored to be at the event and with such a “vibrant” South Asian community. His fiancé is of South Asian descent, he noted, and “I have a great respect for this community. I’m looking forward to earning your support.”

Hemant Bhatt, founder of the South Asian Republican Coalition launched a few years ago, urged everyone to vote for Republicans on November 8, adding, “It’s the best thing for New Jersey.”



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