Anurag Kumar elected President of Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America

Executives of the new BJANA team announced Jan. 2, 2022. Photo: BJANA

The Bihar Jharkhand Association Of North America (BJANA), a non-profit volunteer-based organization in New Jersey, announced the election of its new president, office-bearers, and executive members for the 2022-2023 term.

Anurag Kumar, the new president of BJANA, announced Jan. 2, 2022. Photo: BJANA

Anurag Kumar who has his roots in the Nalanda district of Bihar, was elected President of BJANA and Sanjeev Singh Vice President. Anil K Agrawal the Secretary and Sushant Krishen Joint Secretary and. Priti Kashyap is the Treasurer, BJANA announced Jan. 2, 2022.

Executive members  who include Dr. Avishek Kumar, Nimisha Verma, Vandana Abhishek Kumar, Akhilesh Azad, Sanjay Gupta, Dipen Banerjee, and Rahul Sahay, were also elected.

Under the leadership of past president Dr. Avinash Gupta, BJANA achieved new heights and delivered unimaginable services to people of Bihar and Jharkhand in U.S. and India, the organization said in a press release.

Collective effort defined the root of success according to the organization.   Anurag Kumar thanked his predecessor Dr. Gupta for guiding and letting him explore new opportunities to serve the needy. Dr Gupta congratulated the newly elected president and expressed his confidence with the new team and wished them all the success.

The BJANA Election Committee members of 2022 pose for photo. Photo: BJANA

The BJANA Election committee (Dr. Anil Kumar, Ranjeet Sinha, and Rakesh Kumar) congratulated the new team, expressing appreciation for the young leaders who had stepped forward.

Past presidents of BJANA like Saroj Kumar, Dr. Binod Sinha(Urologist), Sashi Sinha, Bhawesh Choudhary, Anjali Prasad and Vinay Singh, congratulated the new team and wished them good luck.

Alok Kumar, past president Federation of Indian Association and BJANA member, expressed amazement to see the young and energetic team and congratulated it.

Anurag Kumar was born in Amawan, and grew up in various parts of Bihar, such as Begusarai, Mokama, and Patna. A qualified engineer, he moved to the U.S. two decades ago and worked with JPMorgan Chase. Currently, he is working in Johnson & Johnson.

He has been involved in various community activities, such as mentoring BJANA Kids and startups; successfully building charitable partners in Bihar & Jharkhand, and building partnerships with the Chamber of Commerce in Bihar & Jharkhand and local businesses in the U.S. to raise funds for BJANA’s charitable causes and events. In his new role, he wants to focus on mentoring youth, entrepreneurs, and help with development activities in areas such as economy, education, and health.

BJANA  is continuously working for the welfare and growth of the community. In the last two years, it has organized various health camps, provided ambulances services, distributed PPE kits, food, and medicines in two Indian states – Bihar and Jharkhand – in partnership with local non-profit organizations Aastha Charitable, Asha, and PRAN-BJANA. BJANA is also partnering with KARA Medical Foundation for Neuro-rehab Center and Anterjyoti Balika Vidyalay, a Blind School for skills development. BJANA also partnered with FIA to set up the Electric Crematorium.

BJANA has outlined its goals and objectives for the next two years. One of the primary goals is to engage BJANA youth as volunteers for various activities in the USA and Bihar & Jharkhand. The vision of the new leadership includes promotion of business and tourism in Bihar and Jharkhand by partnering with the Chamber of Commerce, state governments of Bihar and Jharkhand, and ​​Consulate General of India, New York. They are also working on modules to mentor the students and startups in Bihar, Jharkhand, and the USA.

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