American Hindu Coalition launch itself as a nonprofit organization


The American Hindu Coalition (AHC) announces its launch as a nonprofit located in the State of Virginia. Brought together by the historic 2016 Presidential election, American Hindus celebrated and participated in the presidential transition process, inauguration festivities, and a new administration taking office in 2017.

According to AHC President Harsh Sethi, Hindus are the most affluent and the most educated of Americans and life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are the principles they abide by. “The secret sauce to our prosperity and our success are the natural rights endowed by the creator that is America’s constitutional heritage,” Sethi said, adding that “these very rights are under attack in today’s America.”

AHC Board member Narsimha Koppula, a Virginia business owner said: “Every election year, politicians come to us asking for support. In return these politicians tell us they can guarantee security in our jobs, our businesses, and even in all of our basic human needs. Then the Aha-moment strikes: we pay more to the politicians, more to the government that they operate and yet every year we are poorer and less secure in all of these things they have promised to do for us. Look around; who is getting richer and living it up? The politicians, their families, and their friends are living it up. Something is wrong with this picture,” he added.

With the Call to action “Excellence in Action is Yoga,” AHC hopes to undertake issue-advocacy initiatives and public discourse with a unique voice and innovative solutions that are guided by Hindu enlightenment principles and serve as the underpinning of the Constitution of the United States.



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