Ambassador Sandhu commended for achievements during US tenure

First Lady Jill Biden with PM Modi June 21, 2023, upon his arrival for the State Visit to Washington. Also seen in photo Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu and US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti. PHOTO: Twitter @ANI

India’s most recent Ambassador to US received accolades from those who knew him or watched him during his three years in this country as Ambassador, and his previous stints in Washington, D.C.

US Senator Mark Warner, who has known Ambassador Sandhu over the years, during his speech at Ambassador Sandhu’s farewell reception in January 2024, noted “Ambassador Sandhu and I had lots and lots of conversations, when there have been big challenges in our relationship. And we always dealt with each other honestly, we dealt with each other as friends, and we realize that the core of the friendship between our two countries is based on common values around decency, democracy, [and] around innovation,” while adding  “And I will make one prediction that while Ambassador Sandhu may be leaving this post, I believe, and I hope with all my heart that he has more public service in his future.”

Founder & Chairman of Sikhs of America-USA, Jesse Singh told News India Times “I have known Ambassador Sandhu for several years now. He is a respectable diplomat, an authoritative figure in India-US relations, and has always cared for the well-being of the Sikh community. He was instrumental in making the Sikh delegation meet PM Modi in 2014 and helping us put forward our concerns before PM Modi. Ambassador Sandhu understands PM Modi’s vision for India, and I think BJP has done the right thing of inducting him into the party.”

A Trustee of Hindu University of America, Narasimha Koppula told News India Times “Ambassador Sandhu worked on US-India relations with passion for decades. He is energetic and has a lot more to give to Bharat. His decision to enter politics and join BJP is a very welcome step. He can be a significant contributor to Punjab BJP and help move the state in right direction.”

Executive Director of American Hindu Coalition, Alok Srivastava told News India Times “I’m delighted to hear the news of Ambassador Sandhu joining the BJP. His wealth of experience in international affairs will undoubtedly be a valuable addition not only to the BJP but also to India as a whole.”

Srivastava further added that Ambassador Sandhu’s tenure, marked by three assignments in Washington DC and one at the UN in New York, showcased his adept handling of complex issues. “His dedication and hard work have fostered numerous mutually beneficial outcomes between the US and India. Particularly commendable is his role in cultivating a service-oriented culture within the Visa and Counselor services in the US, alongside fostering direct interactions with the Indian diaspora.”

Even amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ambassador Sandhu’s “commitment remained unwavering,” said Srivastava while adding that Ambassador Sandhu “Through innovative measures such as video conferences, ensured continuous engagement with the diaspora and played a pivotal role in facilitating the procurement of essential Covid medicines and aid for India.”

“Ambassador Sandhu’s contributions were instrumental in the highly successful state visit of Prime Minister Modi last year” Srivastava added. “I am confident that Prime Minister Modi will entrust Ambassador Sandhu with significant responsibilities aligned with the shared goals of fostering entrepreneurship, a theme embraced by both the US and India. Ambassador Sandhu’s humility and dedication make him a true asset to the nation, and I look forward to witnessing his continued contributions in shaping India’s global engagements.”



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