Afeefa Nadiadwala brings Gauri Sawant’s story to life in Taali

Sushmita Sen (right) tells the story of Sgreegauri Sawant (Left) in Taali produced by Afeefa Nadiadwala. Photo: Ashneet Sodhi

Producer Afeefa Nadiadwala explores Gauri Sawant’s remarkable journey in Taali, streaming now on Jio Cinema. Gauri Sawant, a well-known transgender activist from Mumbai, has been making a difference in the lives of transgender individuals and people affected by HIV/AIDS. Her journey takes center-stage in the 2023 web series, starring Sushmita Sen.

Shreegauri Sawant a.k.a. Gauri Sawant is a transgender activist from Mumbai, India. She is the director of Sakhi Char Chowghi, which helps transgender people and people with HIV/AIDS. She was made the goodwill ambassador of Election Commission in Maharashtra.

Back in 2019, Afeefa Nadiadwala found Gauri Sawant and was deeply moved by her story. This encounter started a journey that culminated in the release of Taali. Afeefa recognized the importance of not just Gauri’s identity as a transgender activist, but also her roles as a woman and a mother.

Sushmita recently said, “When I first came to know of Gauri, I Google-d the hell out of her! But after meeting her, I got so many solid inputs, I knew I had to get it right because otherwise it would be unfair to Gauri! There was never a doubt that I wanted to do this role.”

Afeefa’s Nadiadwala’s contribution goes beyond mere production. She is known for her dedication to telling stories that matter, and has also produced the Marathi film, Girlfriend. Taali isn’t just entertainment – it’s a representation of Afeefa’s commitment to highlighting impactful narratives.




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