Sushmita Sen sparks intrigue with mysterious change of birth-date

Sushmita Sen’s “new” birth-date on Instagram has left fans and followers intrigued. Photo: Adfactors PR

In a move that has left her fans and followers agog with great curiosity, actress and former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, has changed her date of birth on Instagram to February 27, 2023. The enigmatic update has sparked widespread intrigue, especially considering that her birth-date is November 19, 1975.

This unexpected alteration has not only piqued the interest of her admirers but has also set off a flurry of speculations about its hidden meaning. While the reason behind this change remains shrouded in mystery, sources close to the actress hint at a deeply personal significance tied to a life-threatening ordeal she faced earlier last year.

In February 2023, Sushmita Sen encountered a near-fatal heart attack during shooting. Could this life-altering experience, which she bravely overcame, hold the key to this change in her birth-date?

The actress, known for her resilience and candidness, has yet to reveal the full story behind this enigmatic update. Fans are eagerly anticipating an official statement from Sushmita, hoping to uncover the reason behind this profound change.

Stay tuned as this captivating story unfolds. For further updates, follow Sushmita Sen on her social media channels.




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