308 people benefit from 49th Health fair at Midwest Swaminarayan Temple

More than 300 people wait for medical checkups at the Health Fair oct. 8, 2023, at Midwest Swaminarayan Temple in Itasca, Illinois. PHOTO: Jayanti Oza

The 49th Health Fair at Midwest Swaminarayan Temple in Itasca Illinois, held Sunday, October 8, 2023, in the temple premises served 308 people.

It was organized jointly by the Midwest Swaminarayan Temple, Lohana Association of Greater Chicago (LAGC), Gujarati Samaj of Chicago (GSC), Kadva Patidar Samaj (KPS), and Sahiyaru Abhiyan Chicago.

The goal was to provide medical check ups to all those who may not be able to afford medical services due to insurance and medical coverage problems.

More than 21 doctors and 110 Health Care professionals provided their volunteer services to help 308 people who participated in the Health Fair.

Blood samples being collected during the free Health Fair at Midwest Swaminarayan Temle, Itasca, Illinois, Oct. 8, 2023. PHOTO: Jayanti Oza

Registration and front desk services were provided by Rajesh Desai, Harmil Patel, Kadamb Thakkar, Dakshesh Modi and Team.

This year Consent form and medical Assessment forms were put computers and were printed after people’s information had been put in. Vital data such as height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, were checked for each participant.  These services were provided by Bhavna Thakkar, Nisha Rao and Diya Thakkar.

The Blood Sugar testing and Consultation were provided by Kishore Chugh, Tejas Patel, Hansal Patel and Arti Thakkar.

Volunteers helped with services where needed, by Sonal Thakkar, Vinu Patel, Daya Bhimani, Varsha Patel, Vibha Patel, Jyoti Patel, and Kevel Patel.

Blood samples of 300 patients were collected and sent to the UIC laboratory for testing. The reports will be reviewed by doctors and the results and analysis will be mailed to each patient within three weeks.

There were 5 EKG Machines to do tests on those over 55 yaers old. The EKG results were interpreted to the patient by Cardiologists Dr. Hetal Gandhi and Dr. Vijay Patel. Physical examination and Physical consultation were provided by Primary care physicians Dr. Jayashree Raju, Dr. Yohesh Parikh, Dr. Ashish Patel, Dr. Bhranti Langaliya, and Dr. Ashok Shah . They gave guidance and consultation to people with obesity and diabetes.

Dental Examination and consultation were provided by Dr. Neel Goyal and Dr. Neha Sheth. Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultation done by Dr. Nirav Thakkar and G.I. Consultation done by Dr. Hemal Patel. Physical Therapy provided by Sonal Gandhi and Deven Parekh.



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