12-year-old Indian boy sings all 250 national anthems from memory

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Yathaarth Murthy, 12, of Bangalore, India, can sing the English translations of all 250 national anthems from memory, something he started four years ago, according to a San Francisco Chronicle report.

After his music teacher at school taught him four of the national anthems, Murthy said he only knew those four and decided to Google the rest and with the help of both printed materials and online videos, he mastered all of the national anthems within three years.

“I have to remember it (the national anthems). That’s my job. It wouldn’t be right to forget,” Murthy told the San Francisco Chronicle.

“He will be gunning for the Guinness World Records in about four categories in the coming days,” his mom, Shilpa Spoorthy told LatestLY.

Murthy told LatestLY that he one day wants to become an ‘Anthem-ologist,’ someone who studies the national anthems of different countries.

Murthy was invited as a TED Speaker at TEDx ISBR (International School of Business and Research) in Bangalore on March 10 and was also selected at TEDxYouth@CAMS and Bezos talks, which were in California on April 20.

Murthy’s dream, however, is to appear on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and is currently awaiting a response to his many calls to the producers of the show.



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