Zifiti helps Indian retailers enter the US market



Having almost 200 sellers and 100,000 items already active on their site, online ecommerce marketplace, ZiFiti.com, is helping South Asian Indian brands and retailers think big and grow globally.

While there is consistent growth in cross-border e-commerce, some merchants remain unaware of the opportunities or are daunted by the perceived challenges of selling to an international audience. Retailers wanting to take advantage of the trend may choose to list their wares on large, established marketplaces only to find that their products get lost in the overcrowded space. Others find it difficult, time consuming or confusing to catalog, upload and list their items on these sites. Additionally, the widely diverse group of marketplace consumers does not represent the highly targeted audience that actively search for specific products from the Indian subcontinent.

ZiFiti has developed the right technology, branding and platform to solve these problems and effectively support cross-border sales from India into the US. Dr. Sudhir Parikh, Chairman and Publisher of Parikh Worldwide Media, commented “ZiFiti is a great marketplace for all Indian goods to be sold outside India, particularly in North America. I became a partner of ZiFiti because I believe zifiti.com will be a great service to all South Asian Indians in North America.”

Founder and CEO, Shinu Gupta, built his career in technology by automating automation and designed the back-end integration to make zifiti.com the best online marketplace for US consumers to obtain products from the Indian subcontinent. Through this intuitive and easy to use platform retailers maintain control over their products, data and logistics without having to worry about the scalability of their systems and processes as their business grows globally. This creates an enormous opportunity for companies to increase sales and enhance the value of their brand internationally as easily as they do with domestic sales.

“Integrating with multi-channel order management companies like Unicommerce, Eunimart, Browntape, Vinculum Group and others,” states Gupta, “allows retailers to go to market quickly without the cost and hassle of doing it on their own. Name brands are beginning to recognize the marketplace model as a way to globalize their name and we are excited to be at the forefront of this e-commerce trend.”

Future plans include working with large, well known brands and Gupta goes on to explain, “Our collective technology, tools and expertise will enable us to eventually catalog the products available in India’s fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market making it easy for any size retailer, large or small, to just click on a button and begin selling any item.”

As a part of future expansion, ZiFiti CTO, Ramesh Iravathan, notes fast moving trends in the e-commerce space: “We see it as a necessity to add to our platform blockchain technology and the ability to accept crypto currency as a form of payment in order to have a competitive edge,” stated Iravathan, “Our team is looking at what’s required to implement these features in our online marketplace which is something I don’t see in many other marketplaces yet today.”

Director of Cross Border Operations, Sonu Tyagi, has been assisting merchants in India and the US in bringing their products online for sale. “The retailers that I am working with have experienced such a clear, easy to use process and seamless system that they begin to accept sales quickly after coming online,” states Tyagi, “With daily increases in the number of visitors to our site it is no wonder that our sales in the US grow every day. We are even getting orders for specific Indian grocery items from many non-Indians in the US.”

As noted in a “Forbes Magazine” article by contributor Roger Aitken, “Today, online marketplaces are dominating product and service distribution channels across the globe.” Technology is allowing retailers to break into formerly unreachable markets to mine new revenue outlets. By providing the right platform with a frictionless shopping experience that is easy to navigate, ZiFiti is positioned to open the channels for Indian merchants to capitalize on the market available in the US today.



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