Zara accused of selling “lungi-like” skirt for high price

The ‘Check Mini Skirt’ which looks like the Lungi. (Courtesy: Zara)

The popular fashion company Zara, has re-branded a classic piece of clothing worn by most men in India: the lungi.

Many are appalled by the fact that Zara’s lungi or a ‘Check Mini Skirt’ which sells for about $90 and is described as a “flowing skirt with draped detail in the front. Front slit detail at the hem. Zip fastening in the back hidden along the seam.”

According to BBC News, many are upset that Zara is marketing a product to women with something that would be worn by their uncles and fathers while others are upset that they aren’t selling the product as a ‘lungi,” since there is no mention of the word or where it’s originally from.

Some are even accusing Zara and other fashion companies for “producing their clothes for pennies in poor Asian countries, and say they now are even taking design and fashion along with the profit,” according to BBC News.

But what was really shocking to most consumers was how expensive the ‘Check Mini Skirt’ actually is.

“Zara is trying to sell uncle’s £3 lungi (Asian male skirt) for £70,” someone tweeted.

“My dad’s lungi is probably cheaper than 3 pounds,” another tweeted.

Other consumers were just shocked to see something like a lungi sold by Zara.

“Those are def lungis. And it looks ridiculous. Some ‘designer’ just copied the design & nobody at Zara seems to have known better,” one tweeted.

“#Zara is selling #Lungi and calling it ‘Flowing Skirt with Drapped Detail in Front’ = To me having Masala Dosa and calling it ‘Pan Griddled Rice Pancake stuffed with Spiced Potatoes’ on #Instagram,” tweeted another.

According to a Huffington Post report, the lungi is a wide strip of cloth, which is wrapped around the hip and tied together in the front to form a loose drape and worn mainly by men in India, Southeast Asia, East Africa and the Arab world.



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