Writer-Actor Adivi Sesh announces ‘Major’ Promise

Adivi Sesh has announced an initiative for those who aspire to be soldiers. Photo: Instagram / Adivi Sesh

At a ‘Major’ meet to celebrate the love and appreciation the film Major is receiving globally, lead actor and writer Adivi Sesh announced a novel promise. The actor said, “After I am done with the promotions of Major, we are going to start a fund in the name of Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan that will provide funds to CDS (Combined Defense Services) and NDA (National Defense Academy) aspirants across the country.”

He added, “Many people from small villages do not have the understanding of applying for such examinations and do not have enough money to buy textbooks, guides and so on. We will make sure that any aspiring army student gets proper guidance and funds to pursue their dream. Initiating funding by myself, I am going to bring on boards my friends, my family, my coworkers and my co-actors and will ensure that Major Sandeep’s legacy is one of the most sung legacies in India.”

The film has garnered good appreciation from audiences and critics alike and is getting tremendous response with the global box-office numbers, which are inching very close to the Rs. 50 crore mark.



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