World Vegan Vision holds meeting to spread the word on veganism

Attendees at World Vegan Vision meeting. PHOTO: WVV

The World Vegan Vision event held on Sunday, November 19th, 2023, in Gutenberg, New Jersey, brought together advocates, experts, and enthusiasts to discuss and promote veganism as a way to embrace compassion and lead a sustainable lifestyle.

A diverse group of individuals, including renowned physicians, empowering speakers, and dedicated animal rights activists, attended, according to a press release from WVV.
Dr. Kalindi Bakshi, president of the World Vegan New Jersey chapter, delivered an insightful address on veganism, highlighting its health benefits and positive impact on the environment. Dr. Bakshi emphasized the growing importance of adopting a plant-based diet.
Founder of World Vegan Vision, H.k Shah, appealed for support in adopting a vegan lifestyle . Avinash Director also provided valuable insights into the organization’s initiatives and and shared updates on the organization’s activities in 2023.
Eloise, an accomplished speaker, inspired the audience with her empowering perspectives aligned with the mission of World Vegan Vision. In just 10 minutes, Eloise left a lasting impression, motivating attendees to embrace compassion and a vegan lifestyle.
Several prominent guests attended the event, including former water commissioner of California Ashok Bhatt, socialist Pam Kwatra, President Senior friends of NJ Mahendra Shah, Rasesh Shah VP and Director, Dinesh Pandya from the Senior Citizen Association of Hudson County, Nina Vyas Women’s Empowerment, Gandhian Society founder Bhadra Butala, Save the Farmer Director Mahesh Wani, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, and Chief Guest Satish Karndikar.
Dr. Sudhir Parikh speaking at the WVV meeting. PHOTO: WVV

Padma Shri recipient Dr. Sudhir Parikh and Chief Guest Satish Karndikar expressed their admiration for World Vegan Vision and offered their support for future projects.

World Vegan Vision thanked President Kalindi Bakshi, VP Neetu Jindal, Avi Nash, Abha Devrajan, Kinjal Patel, Anil Narang, Geeta Fofandi, and the entire team for their exceptional efforts in organizing such a successful event. Their dedication and hard work made the event an unforgettable experience.
Public Relations Director Nitin Vyas, who coordinated the entire vegan Thanksgiving event, addressed the audience and shared his vegan journey. He also introduced the entire committee of the World Vegan Vision New Jersey chapter, including Medical Advisors Dr. Shrenik Shah and Dr. Moiz, who were unable to attend the event. Chairwoman Malti Shah silently supervised and guided the entire event.
World Vegan Vision Communications Director Nitin Vyas, right, with other special attendees. PHOTO: WVV

World Vegan Vision thanked Neetu Jindal for her service as the Vice President of the organization.” Her passion and drive have played a significant role in promoting compassion, love, understanding, and veganism worldwide,” the press release said.

During the lunch break, attendees engaged in discussions and networking opportunities, fostering connections with like-minded individuals and further exploring the principles of veganism. As the event concluded, the wrap-up and clean-up crew ensured that everything was left in pristine condition, reflecting World Vegan Vision’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, the press release said.


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