World can count on India to help usher in new era of sustainability: UN Chief

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterrez scattering flowers at the Sardar Patel statue in Gujarat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Twitter @narendramodi

Narmada: United Nations General Secretary Antonio Guterres on Thursday, October 20, 2022, said that the world can count on India to help usher in a new era of sustainability.

Prime Minister Modi and UN Chief on Thursday launched the Mission LiFE movement in Ekta Nagar. Speaking at the occasion, Guterres said, “Let us count on India as it is going to assume the G20 presidency to help usher in a new era of sustainability fully line in its history, culture and its edition.”

UN Chief congratulated India for its upcoming G20 presidency and said that G20 countries account for 80 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions but it also represents 80 per cent of global GDP. “G20 combined as resources, they have the power to end the war against nature and set us on course towards sustainable living,” he added.

Guterres further said that the developed countries must follow through on their commitments to provide meaningful financial and technological support to countries like India throughout this transition. the world needs to

Individuals and communities can and must be a part of the solution of protecting our planet and our collective future: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres at the global launch of ‘Mission Life’ at the Statue of Unity in Gujarat unleash a renewables revolution and look forward to working with India in driving this agenda forward.

“COP27 represents a key political opportunity to rebuild trust and accelerate action across all pillars of the Paris Agreement…With its vulnerability to climate impact&its massive economy, India can play a critical bridging role in building trust between developing and developed nations,” he added.

UN Chief said that the best part of the LiFE movement is that individuals also participate in the mission.

“Individuals and communities can and must be a part of the solution of protecting our planet and our collective future people individually are participating in this,” he added.
While addressing the public Guterres said that the emission of green house gases of the richest is 1 per cent but is more than twice the poorest countries’ 50 per cent.

He also said that to lead a sustainable life, one should use renewable energy, save energy, reduce the emission of pollution, by using less plastic, by taking advantage of the clean cooking tech, and not throw away food.

Envisaged by PPM Modi, Mission LIFE is expected to be an India-led global mass movement that will nudge individual and collective action to protect and preserve the environment, said Prime Minister’s Office (PMO).

Mission LiFE will be India’s signature initiative at the United Nations and other international platforms for showcasing climate action and early achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, according to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) statement.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi held a bilateral meeting with UN chief Guterres here. The visiting UN chief is on a three-day trip to India.

On Wednesday, Guterres met External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and exchanged views on pressing global concerns and challenges in multilateralism.



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