Why do we need Ayurveda in today’s world?

Simmi Chopra, Ayurveda Doctor (Photo Credit: sidhayur.com)

Never in history has the medical system been so advanced. We have top-of-the-line medical hospitals, proficient doctors, and precise diagnostic tools. Then why would we want to go back to an ancient system from India, thousands of years old, to help us in our quest for a healthier life? With all the advancements in western medicine, they have not been able to keep the aging population from progressing into serious gut problems, dementia, degenerative diseases, prostate issues, etc. There is a rise of hormonal imbalance, autoimmune diseases, allergies, and metabolic syndrome to name a few from a very young age. There is no denying that we need western medicine for emergencies, and structural deformities, but when it comes to keeping a person healthy or finding relief in chronic health problems, they are not able to provide that relief. People are put on steroids, high doses of painkillers, and antibiotics which cause severe side effects, and lifelong dependency on increasing doses of medications.

(Photo Credit: sidhayur.com)

This is where Ayurveda can help. Ayurveda works at eliminating the root cause of health problems. It not only helps in chronic diseases but also helps prevent diseases.

“Swathasya swasthya rakshanam Aaturasya vikara prashamanam”. This means that Ayurveda helps a healthy person maintain & protect his wellness and help a person with health issues to achieve balance in health.

Ayurveda takes a holistic approach, recognizing the connection between the body, senses, mind, and soul. Dehendriya satwatma sanyoga – Charaka Samhita

There is increasing adulteration and contamination in food and the environment. Add to it, the stressful fast paced lifestyle. All these factors have resulted in diseases ranging from gut problems to depression to anxiety, ADHD to cancer. Ayurveda with yoga, pranayama (breath work), herbs, and therapies can help alleviate chronic health problems. By choosing the right diet and lifestyle suitable for each individual, one can avoid health problems. The principle behind Ayurveda is that everybody is unique so the one protocol fits all approaches cannot be used. Ayurveda offers an individualized approach to everyone and for each problem.



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