WHEELS India Niswarth Foundation to host inauguration in Gujarat


NEW YORK – Local and international dignitaries will be coming together to inaugurate the WHEELS India Niswarth Foundation (WIN), a newly formed non-profit organization which funds research and innovation for water quality and sanitation focusing on maternal and child health issues, on January 30 at WIN Foundation’s main office located at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar (IITGN) Research Park, in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

The event will start at 2:30 p.m. with a tour of the facility followed by a panel discussion on Maternal and Child Health and Water and Sanitation issues. The main event will start at 5:30 p.m. and will focus on Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) and Maternal and Child Health (MCH).

The WATSAN program will focus on developing new, cost-effective ways to treat water, reduce water contamination in rivers and work to improve policies related to drinking water like finding a cost-effective method to bring clean drinking water to rural area and work with international governing bodies to form public-private partnerships, according to a press release.

The program will also champion and develop water purification devices which will bring clean drinking water to rural areas by using technologies such as slow sand filters and will research ways to reduce the costs for delivering potable water, applying technologies such as reverse osmosis and desalination.

According to a press release, the Niswarth International Foundation, a charity organization founded by Chirag Patel, the co-CEO and chairman of Amneal Pharmaceuticals, has already made a donation of $2 million to help find new ways to improve water quality and health outcomes for mothers and children.

“Our vision is that the WIN Foundation will serve as an India-based incubator for technology-based ideas that can be tested and put into action to improve the daily lives of people living in underdeveloped areas around the world,” Patel said.

The MCH program will house a research lab which will focus on priorities such as prevention, diagnoses, using data analytics and the use of women’s self-help groups to deliver messages.

The program will support a field testing site to analyze public health interventions in a community setting.

Additionally, the MCH program will serve as a hub to link together resources for improving health outcomes for women and children and serve as an evidence-based testing facility to advise policy makers.

A panel discussion featuring Dr. Thakor Patel from the Sevak Foundation, Ruyintan (Ron) Mehta, the co-director for the “water” track of WGF and Dr. Kranti Vora, the newly appointed director for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) at the WIN Foundation, will be moderated by Rajat Gupta, the chairman of WHEELS Global Foundation (WGF) along with Dr. Dileep Mavalankar, the director of IIPHG.



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