Web series to showcase stories of immigrants in US


LOS ANGELES – The US-based-Indian filmmaker Swati Ali is set to launch a web series based on stories of immigrants from India and other parts of the world to the US.

“We The People”, the 14-episode documentary series, will be unveiled on July 4. It has been self-funded so far and is now seeking community support through a crowdfunding campaign to fund the post-production and marketing expenses, read a statement.

“We The People” explores themes of language, identity, stereotypes, life changes, loss and many others – challenges that are part of life for any immigrant in a new land.

“Moving to the US, it offered me the chance to be a part of a true melting pot. It connected me with people from parts of the world I might never see. I fell in love with every one of their funny, happy and confounding anecdotes about their move to the US,” said Ali, who has written and directed the project.

“Unfortunately, though, the popular narrative around immigration more often than not totally skips over real-life stories that bring a smile to your face, and hinges largely on visuals that cause us to fear the unknown,” she added.

The crowdfunding campaign, which started on Wednesday, will end on March 23.



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