Viva Kultura to showcase Indian culture on stage in the U.S.


The internationally acclaimed performing arts troupe Viva Kultura, will be presenting their “Discover India” show for the first time on Monday, Sept. 11 at 6 p.m. at the NYU Skirball Center.

Over 40 artists from 15 countries will come together for this three hour show that expresses Indian culture and will feature a fusion of classical dance, live music, aerial acrobatics, theatre and martial arts.

The proceeds from the show will be donated to the Feal Good Foundation, an organization that supports and advocates for those injured in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and are facing catastrophic health issues.

“We, as the Consulate General of India, support this very noble initiative of promoting Indian culture and bringing Indian culture to America in a very comprehensive manner. We support this venture, and we urge all of you to come forward and support this group in this endeavor,” said Paramita Tripathi, the Deputy Consul General of India in New York City.

Viva Kultura has been performing for audiences of up to 500,000 people in Poland for the past 30 years and has also toured and performed in India, Australia, Brazil and Moldova and were dubbed the “Indian Cirque du Soleil” while in Australia.

Their innovative act uses contemporary theatre techniques to present wisdom from the Bhagavata Purana, starting from the tale of King Parikshit who has been cursed by a king and only has seven days to live.

With this sense of urgency, the audience is taken deeper into several stories within a story that look into the meaning of life through the emotions of love, fear, hope and tragedy.

The tour is being organized by Indian-Americans, Hari and Brinda Raval.

“We want to help create understanding between our two worlds, and the arts are a powerful way to help people connect across cultures. As our world becomes smaller and more connected, we have to actively work to help people understand each other better,” said Brinda.

The troupe will also be visiting and performing at over 11 cities through the Northeast in September including New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, Pennsylvania State University, Rochester Fringe Festival, SUNY Buffalo, University of Maryland, Ohio State University and more.



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