Vikas Khanna finally finds Muslim family who saved his life 26 years ago

Vikas Khanna (Courtesy: Twitter)

For the last 26 years, Indian American chef Vikas Khanna has been fasting for one day during the month of Ramadan for a Muslim family that saved him during the 1992 Mumbai riots and he has finally reunited with them after he lost in touch.

According to various news reports, Khanna tweeted on Monday that he has happened to track down the family and will break his fast with them.

“Heartwarming evening. All Heart. Tears. Pain. Pride. Courage. Humanity. Gratitude. This will be the most significant and important EID of my life. Thank you everyone to connect me with my souls,” Khanna tweeted on Tuesday.

Khanna recalled the faithful day in a Facebook post from 2015.

“I was training in the kitchen of SeaRock Sheraton, Mumbai in 1992 December when riots broke and whole city was under fire. We were stuck in the hotel for days.”

No staff was able to leave or enter but when he heard that the riots were getting intense near the Ghatkopar area where his brother live, he started to get worried and left the hotel.

While he was on his way, a Muslim family had warned him about the rioters and decided to take him in, soon enough a mob came to the house demanding who he was and the family told them that he was their son.

The group left without harming anyone and Khanna ended up sleeping at the family’s house, on the floor for two days while they sent a relative to check up on Khanna’s brother, who was found safe.

“I don’t know who they were or where I was during that time,” Khanna wrote, adding “since that year, I fast for one day during the Holy Month to thank them and keep them in my prayers.”



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