Vadilal International Gujarati Film Festival held in New Jersey


The first Vadilal International Gujarati Film Festival was held from August 3 to 5 in New Jersey.

Festival director Umesh Shukla announced that the Gujarati community responded very well with their support.

The three-day festival hosted about 5,000 people and more than 23 films were screened, including 12 feature films, four special screening films, three documentaries and four short films.

The festival opened up with the film “Reva,” followed by Q and A with the cast of the film along with the U.S. premiere of “Sharato Lagu.”

A workshop with Paresh Naik, Latesh Shah, Sujatha Mehta and Madhu Rai, was held the next day, on the current trend of the Gujarati Film Industry.

The festival closed with the film “Dhh,” which won the national award this year, after which an awards ceremony was held at Royal Grand Manor where 18 awards were given out.

Next year, the International Gujarati Film Festival will be held in Los Angeles, California.



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