US Embassy in Delhi hosts screening of documentary on “Bogus Phone Operators” to raise awareness

US Embassy in New Delhi announcement about the screening of Bogus Phone Operators documentary. PHOTO: X @USAndIndia

The U.S. Embassy hosted a special screening of the documentary film Bogus Phone Operators, an investigative crime series, at the American Center in New Delhi, an April 10 press release from the Embassy said.

The documentary shows how U.S. and Indian authorities teamed up to unravel a multi-million-dollar scam by impersonators preying on elderly U.S. citizens.

Through the lens of the investigative officer who led the raid, the documentary “Bogus Phone Operators” sheds light on the scale and severity of the alleged scam, its impact on U.S. victims, and the subsequent investigation involving cyber experts, lawyers, and a joint operation between Indian police and the FBI.

“I’m proud our Legal Attaché office is highlighting the successful partnership between U.S. and Indian law enforcement in fighting cyber-crime. By disrupting scammers and potential victims, we’re making a real impact together,” Ambassador Eric Garcetti is quoted saying before the screening.

Producer of Bogus Phone Operators (BPO) Yule Kurup, shared the meaning behind his documentary.  “We are proud to present ‘BPO’ to audiences worldwide. We as Producers are dedicated to telling engaging and thought-provoking stories that resonate with audiences worldwide, that sparks conversation and inspires change,” Kurup said. “This documentary serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive threat posed by cybercrime, and the importance of remaining vigilant in an increasingly connected world. Through our exploration of the Thane Call Centre Scam, we hope to raise awareness and empower the viewers to protect themselves from similar fraudulent schemes.”

Director of Bogus Phone Operators, Satyaprakash Upadhyay, added, “Scammers who make fake phone calls are spreading fast, targeting people worldwide.”

Upadhyay noted that scammers are not random people trying to take money from the victims. “They are part of a big, smart technically advanced group that knows how to get our personal information. They even pretend to be police or government officials without being afraid of getting caught, because they are backed by a big network. It’s time to understand their tricks and work together to stop them.”



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