Two Indian Americans to compete in Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship

Anudeep Golla (Courtesy: The American Mathematical Society)

Among 12, two Indian Americans will be participating in the American Mathematical Society’s Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship.

Among the contestants are Anudeep Golla of Fairview High School in Colorado and Praneet Mekala of the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

According to his bio on the American Mathematical Society’s website, Golla is a two-time national Mathcounts qualifier and was the highest goal scorer for FC Boulder in 2016.

He also cannot wait until humans find a way to colonize Mars and discover different forms of life in the universe.

Golla was selected for the 2019 contest based on his score on an online qualifying test with questions on algebra, geometry, trigonometry and probability.

Praneet Mekala (Courtesy: The American Mathematical Society)

According to his bio on the American Mathematical Society’s website, Mekala’s favorite thing about school is playing pool with friends and has been to 46 of the 50 states in the country.

He can’t wait until he can travel the world and has also won the NSF’s National Science Competition as a 9th grader, while his favorite subject in school is algebra.

Others who will be competing include Alex Chung from Virginia, Connor Gordon from Florida, Howard Halim of Canada, Michael Han of Iowa, Brian Liu of New Jersey, Steven Qu of Maryland, Luke Robitaille of Texas, Maximillian Guo of Ohio, Tristan Shin of California and Olivia Guo from the U.K.

The 2019 Who Wants to Be a Mathematician Championship competition will be held on January 19 at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Baltimore, Maryland.

The winner will earn a top prize of $10,000.



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