Tribute to Meena Kumari at Music Festival in Kasauli ahead of death anniversary

Vidhi Sharma paying tribute to Meena Kumari at Music Festival Kasauli. PHOTO: ANI

Kasauli, March 30: The two-day Music Festival in Kasauli 2024 (MFK) which took place  March 29 and 30, amidst the enchanting hills of Himachal Pradesh’s quaint hill station Kasauli, has concluded.

MFK was jointly organized by ShowCase Events and WelcomHeritage Santa Roza. A highlight on the concluding day was renowned vocalist Vidhi Sharma’s Musical Dastangoi on Meena Kumari titled ‘Meena Kumari Ki Dastaan’ which was specially done to commemorate Meena Kumari’s death anniversary, which fell on March 31. The presentation was in Dastangoi style which is an ancient way of telling a story by Ritesh Yadav and Vidhi.

“Over the course of two days, MFK enthralled music enthusiasts from not just the region but also from other parts of India by offering an eclectic line-up of performances that spanned genres and generations. From soul-stirring melodies to electrifying beats, the festival resonated with the harmonious blend of musical diversity and artistic brilliance,” said Nanni Singh, CEO, ShowCase Events and the curator of MFK.

Apart from ‘Main Kavita Hoon’ featuring celebrated singer Kavita Seth, the Rajasthani folk singer Kutle Khan’s ‘Kutle Khan Project’ was also a major draw. Music composer and instrumentalist Abhijit Pohankar’s ‘Bollywood Gharana’ presented a fusion of classical, folk and Bollywood music.

Attendees were treated to performances by both acclaimed artists and emerging talent. It provided a platform to local singers and musicians of Himachal. In addition to this the music fest also promoted the rich culture of Himachal’s folk music.

Angad Singh, MD, Tranza Studios, video partner of MFK, reflected, saying that beyond the stages, the festival grounds buzzed with energy as attendees immersed themselves in a myriad of activities and experiences.



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