Tirlok Malik’s “On Golden Years” to premiere on TV Asia


Indian American director Tirlok Malik’s new film On Golden Years will premiere on TV Asia on June 1 at 8 p.m. and again on June 3 at 1 p.m.

Malik has made several films dealing with the effects of migration in America.

“Migration can bring many complex feelings, sometimes watching cinematic stories can show us the way,” Malik said, in a press release.

“As an immigrant, when we come in the search of American Dream, at times we find ourselves we are ‘Lonely In America’ and after achieving and living the American Dream, we also realize if we want real ‘Khushiyaan’ we need to make time to visit our aging parents and family in India,” Malik continued, mentioning some the films he had made.

Tirlok Malik

“Now in ‘On Golden Years,’ it is the time to retire but some of us cannot decide if we want to retire in India or America,” he added.

The film focuses on the theme “the retirement of the American Dream” and it is a romantic comedy that teaches us to live every day like it’s Valentine’s Day.

The story of “On Golden Years” was inspired from the book Seeking Roots by Iggy Ignatius who has also co-directed and produced the film.

The film stars Ranjit Chowdhry, Jyoti Singh, Reeves Lehmann, Shetal Shah, Noor Naghmi, Tirlok Malik, Shruti Tewari, Farokh Daruwala, Indu Gajwani, Prof. Indrajit S. Saluja, Lovllien Kaurr, Sandeep Suri, Iggy Igantius and Kamlesh Gupta.

The film has been shot at the Indian retirement community Shantiniketan in Florida.



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