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Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma

ARIES: Success is certain provided you work as a team. Guests visit would make it a pleasant & wonderful week. Monetary gains from unplanned sources will brighten your week. You need courageous efforts to turn love-at-first-sight into a strong romantic bond. Many people want to fly international and you are one of them. You might apply for bank loan as to get back the possession of your mortgaged property.

TAURUS: Innovative ideas & technical expertise would enable to win the confidence of seniors at professional front. Family members will be very positive & supportive to your plans. Property dealings would materialize helping in bringing fabulous gains. The presence of love would make you feel life meaningful. Your whole family needs a holiday, look further and take a break. Don’t deal in a property which is crime ridden.

GEMINI: To achieve a desirable outcome at work you must get the support of team members. Make sure you avoid overreacting to tense situations at family front. Avoid overspending and investments in dubious financial schemes. You will be in a loving mood, therefore make special plans for romantic partner. Engaging yourself in creative work would keep you relaxed. You will have to go out of the way to buy your dream house.

CANCER: Excess workload could trouble at workplace. A careless attitude will make parents worried. Spending money carelessly would backfire. Love life brings some memorable moments that you could cherish rest of your life. An impulsive behaviour might cause health problems during this week. Planning a trip is not what you want, try to implant them. Your plan to own a house is ought to be in the right way.

LEO: Service people, artists and those in creative field will get several new opportunities. Relatives will be willing to lend a helping hand at the time of need. You are likely to earn monetary gains through various sources. Your flashing smile would work as the best antidote for romantic partners unhappiness. Your enormous confidence would help in enjoying a healthy life. Pack your bags and some eatables and go out for a picnic.

VIRGO: At work you are likely to win appreciation and awards for past efforts. Parental guidance in your decision would immensely help. Monetary gains are likely to be from more than one source. Love partner touches soul that would take imagination to unlimited heights. Blessings of a saintly person give peace of mind. You and your loved one’s been busy for quite sometimes and have finally decided to go on a vacation.

LIBRA: Your greatest gains will come through your creative ideas at professional front. New relationship at family front will be long lasting & highly beneficial. Increase in income from past investment is foreseen. Those engaged will find their fiancée a source of great happiness. First resolve the legal issues then mortgage your property. If possible, help whosoever comes to you this week.

SCORPIO: You will be on the seventh heaven when you receive recognition for your achievements at work. You will be in the mood to celebrate with family and friends in this week. New moneymaking opportunities will be lucrative. Sharing candyfloss and toffees with lover/beloved would bring unlimited joy. A very healthy week filled with happiness & vitality. By traveling you’ll learn about new places and cultures, which is ultimately a great deal about yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Your creativity will amaze people around you besides enhancing career prospects. Good advice from family members brings gains. All financial commitments & transactions need to be handled carefully. Difference of opinion with love companion would create some problems. Make sure you don’t give unnecessary importance to minor issues otherwise they would disappoint you.

CAPRICORN: You will have to take some calculated risks to conquer challenging situations at workplace. You need to take the approval of everyone before making changes at home. You should look twice at investment schemes that are presented to you. You need to make a proper planning before embarking on love journey. The plot you were looking for can be profitable from investment point of view.

AQUARIUS: New job opportunities for some will be better than expected. The company of family friends will keep you in a happy & relaxed mood. You get some financial rewards as dedication & hard work gets noticed. Company of love partner would inspire to take initiatives this week. You need to develop self-trust to encourage yourself to fight illness. It is better to try for your office accommodation as soon as possible.

PISCES: You are likely to fail to achieve targets at professional front. You need to control your tongue otherwise it could hurt the sentiments of your parents. Desire to earn quick money invites financial losses. Love works like a panacea as you find sanity. Yoga and meditation would help in keeping in shape and mentally agile. Time to think about your investment plans, as investing residentially might be profitable.

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