The Surging South Asian Audience in the USA: Shaping Media and Economy for a New Era


New Jersey, USA — The South Asian population in the United States is rapidly growing, bringing with it a dynamic shift in demographics and its unique influence on the nation’s economy and media landscape. In this article, we explore the behavior, age groups, spending patterns, and evolving language preferences of the South Asian audience, as presented through the insights of Mr. Sai Sagar Patnaik, A Media Analyst with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the South Asian media industry.

The South Asian population in the United States is rapidly growing, and its influence on the nation’s economy and media landscape is becoming increasingly evident. South Asians are starting businesses, contributing to the workforce, and shaping the culture of the United States. They are also consuming media in English and other South Asian languages, and their preferences are influencing the media landscape.

For instance, the presence of cricket matches on platforms like ESPN Plus is a clear testament to the growing significance of South Asian audiences in influencing media content and choices within the United States. Notably, the recent inclusion of cricket in the Olympics and the hosting of the T20 World Cup matches in the USA provide additional evidence of this trend.

South Asians are also influencing the American media landscape. With a growing Telugu & Hindi-speaking population, media outlets catering to regional-speaking audiences have emerged. This includes television channels, radio stations, and digital platforms, offering news, entertainment, and cultural content in Telugu. However, the South Asian audience is primarily English-speaking, and their preference for consuming content in English plays a pivotal role in their media choices. Traditionally, South Asian television networks struggled to generate substantial revenues due to the English-speaking ability of their audience. For instance, American corporations like the known food chain in America, aiming to target an English-speaking audience, would often prefer to allocate their advertising budgets to national TV networks rather than regional media, said Sai Patnaik.

Furthermore, South Asian influence is increasingly evident in mainstream media. TV networks and streaming platforms have recognized the value of capturing this audience, resulting in a surge of South Asian representation in American TV shows and movies. This not only enhances cultural diversity but also offers new opportunities for South Asian actors, writers, and producers.

The market for the South Asian population in the USA is thriving and rapidly expanding. South Asians are leaving an indelible mark on the American fabric, and their contributions are undoubtedly enriching the United States in many ways.

About the Author:

Sai Sagar Patnaik is a South Asian Media Maven and Strategist with a passion for exploring and highlighting the cultural influences shaping media industries. As a seasoned professional, Sai brings a unique perspective to the evolving landscape of media and cultural intersections. For inquiries or further discussions, you can reach Sai via email at



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