The IFAB Awards: A night of glitz, glamor, and music in Edison, NJ

Above and below: The IFAB awards were held in the ITV Gold auditorium where several people were recognized for their talents in fields such as music, dance, fashion etc. PHOTO: ITV Gold

Edison, New Jersey – The ITV Gold Auditorium came alive with a symphony of talent at the IFAB Awards on Saturday, November 25, 2023. Founded by Juhi Jagiasi, the IFAB Awards has become a distinguished platform for recognizing and honoring local talent in the categories of Music, Media, and Entertainment.

The red-carpet gala night, guided by the talented singer and MC, Irfan Ali, and opened with by Sara Ali, featured high quality musical performances, dances, a fashion show, and the presentation of coveted awards.

Notable recipients, including Ali Z, Sunita Misra, Anindya Gupta, Rajan Sharma, Shiva Mathur, Piya Jyoti Kachroo, Sonal Gadhavi, Ilayas Quraishi, and Padma Shri recipient, Dr. Sudhir Parikh, graced the stage with their achievements. Gauri Singha claimed the title of Best Female Singer, adding her name to the list of celebrated artists. The night was further enriched by guest singers like Sunita Kapur, Shahid Saleem, Pradeep Gupta, Anitha Krishna, and Anil Jagiasi.

Adding a melodic touch to the celebration, Abraham Alex was recognized and awarded for Best Sound. His seamless integration of sound and music brought a new dimension to an already spectacular event.

Attendees, organizers, and participants in the IFAB Awards event held at the ITV Gold auditorium in Edison, NJ. PHOTO: ITV Gold

The event was sponsored by Sunil Hali, Seema Jagtiani, and Dr. Umar Farooq.

The awards ceremony also featured accolades in various categories, such as Best Casting Director awarded to Kesh Casting, Amit Jaitley as National Promoter in NJ, Ishaan Jagiasi for South Asian in Sports, Neil Makhija for South Asian in Politics, and Anil Jagiasi for Structural Engineering for the largest Hanuman Temple in Delaware.

Media awards were bestowed upon H. R. Shah, Rajeev Bhambhri, Sunil Hali, Raggini, and Sreekant from TV 9, Gunjesh Desai, representing excellence in their respective fields of TV, print, and radio.

Fashion awards celebrated the Best Makeup Artist, Sophia, and recognized Avas Cosmetics, represented by business entrepreneur Amisha Krit Hitt.

The evening also witnessed the crowning of the IFAB Model of the Year 2023.



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