Telugu singer Ghazal Srinivas arrested over allegations of sexual abuse

Hyderabad: Singer Kesiraju Srinivas aka “Ghazal Srinivas”, who has been arrested on charges of sexual harassment in Hyderabad on Jan 2, 2017. A case against him was registered on December 29 following a complaint by a woman, a radio jockey. (Photo: IANS)

Telugu singer Ghazal Srinivas was suspended as the brand ambassador for the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Save Temples Organization, after he was arrested for sexually harassing one of the female employees at the organization’s office in Hyderabad, India.

Velagapudi Prakasa Rao, the founder and president of the foundation, said in a video message from the U.S. that he was surprised and shocked to hear the allegations of sexual abuse in the India office.

“We don’t not tolerate any abuse of power or any infraction of moral conduct,” he told The News Minute.

Rao added that both organizations were started in 2006 by a group of NRIs to protect Hinduism and their main goal is to free temples from government control and uphold while preserving high morals and ethical principles.

Srinivas, whose real name is Kesiraju Srinivas, was arrested by Hyderabad police on Tuesday for sexually harassing a woman, who was working as a radio jockey for a web radio ‘Alayavani’ (voice of temples) which was run by the Save Temples Organization.

According to The News Minute, the woman complained that Srinivas had been harassing her for the last few months and she even submitted videos of Srinivas sexually harassing women employees to the police.

In the video which was leaked to media, Srinivas is seen being massaged by one of the female employees.

A court has sent the singer to 14-day judicial custody until Jan. 12 after police filed a case on Dec. 29 and arrested him on Jan. 2.

Police told The News Minute that Srinivas had threatened several employees in the office to sleep with him or else they would face consequences like losing their job or not getting paid.

Despite his arrest, Srinivas had denied the allegations and claimed that he always treated the victim like his daughter.

He also holds the Guinness World Record for singing in most languages in one concert.



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