Tech Mahindra partners with leading online learning platform founded by Harvard and MIT


Tech Mahindra will be partnering up with, the leading global non-profit, open-source learning destination founded by Harvard and MIT, to re-skill Tech Mahindra’s existing 117,000+ employees in India and across the globe, enabling their development and growth through world class programs offered by leading Universities in areas like IoT, cyber security, VR, machine learning, big data and analytics.

As part of the partnership Tech Mahindra will also offer opportunities for pre-identified learners enrolled in an edX MicroMasters program.

For anyone who completes these programs and meets the minimum criteria of education and work experience, Tech Mahindra will assure a job interview with the company.

This engagement empowers Tech Mahindra associates with much needed learning opportunities to enhance their careers and stay relevant in the Digital Age.

Tech Mahindra has worked out special methods for its employees where they can self-fund their certifications at lower rates and be reimbursed on successful completion of the course.

EdX will help Tech Mahindra learn the material needed by providing a classroom learning experience online, from the best universities in the world.

This is the first time edX has collaborated with an Indian tech company that has presence worldwide, while previously they partnered with GE for a similar matter.

Since September 2016, edX has partnered with 25 international companies and together they have launched 46 MicroMasters programs.

Since edX began in 2012, India has consistently remained the platform’s second largest learner base, underscoring the strong need for high-quality education in India and the enthusiasm of Indian learners.

Over the last couple of years, edX has witnessed great momentum with 96 percent growth in its Indian learner base; India makes up 11 percent of edX’s learner base with 1,500,000 Indian learners.

“Training and Reskilling are more imperative and relevant to reinvent and tap into new market opportunities arising out of technological change and new customer requirements. Today’s disruptive business landscape demands for our talents to be future ready and it is our prime responsibility that the right tools and innovative pathways are facilitated for them. However, in the new world the employee has to bear the onus as learning accountability is now increasingly shifting to the employee,” C.P. Gurnani, the CEO and MD at Tech Mahindra said in a press release.

“We are excited to work together with edX because careers will be facilitated with a blended learning environment as well as this gives us the opportunity to bring in new ideas to the table and enhance our customer’s experiences,” he added.

“EdX is driven by the mission to provide access to high-quality education that transforms lives and advances careers to all learners, everywhere. This groundbreaking partnership with Tech Mahindra furthers our mission and underscores our commitment to edX learners in India and around the globe. Through this innovative work with Tech Mahindra, we are working together to offer learners the tools they need to gain knowledge in the most cutting edge fields, including Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Analytics amongst others, in order to fast-track their careers and secure in-demand jobs,” said Anant Agarwal, the CEO of edX and a professor at MIT.

The MicroMasters programs is a program filled with in-depth and rigorous courses, which will allow one to receive credits from prestigious universities.

To learn more about the MicroMasters programs at edX, visit

To learn more about the opportunities for MicroMasters learners with Tech Mahindra, email on:



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