Tech entrepreneur is living and raising his three kids out of a school bus. Really.


One entrepreneur has taken the “tiny house” concept to a new level. He’s moved his business and family out of the house . . . and on the road. Literally.

Brandon Trebitowski is no hipster or environmentalist. He’s a software developer and an entrepreneur. He owns two small businesses — Pixegon, a mobile app company with 10 people, and an education firm Parallax Code Academy. What makes this entrepreneur unique, as reported in Tree Hugger, is that he runs them both from a school bus that he and his family live in.

Hey, why not? Thanks to the cloud, mobile technologies and changing attitudes, many businesses are abandoning their offices for a more virtual environment. My firm did this more than 10 years ago. We all work from our homes, just like Trebitowski’s workers. But Trebitowski, however, is a bit more intrepid than I am. His corporate headquarters is really mobile.

His 1999 Blue Bird school bus is 288-square-feet long and has been fixed up to include an upholstered sitting area that converts into a queen sized bed, a “minimalist” kitchen equipped with a full-sized refrigerator, a three-burner propane stove and a cutting board which turns the sink into a functional countertop. His three children (who are home schooled) also have their own bunks and storage areas. The bus is solar-powered and can be plugged in when an external outlet is found. Heat and water is also contained. The beautiful thing is that the bus only cost him $24,000 or about a quarter of what he would’ve paid for a decent recreational vehicle, let alone for an office.

What kind of person would uproot his family and his business and take it all perpetually on the road? Someone who works to live, not lives to work. “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and miss out on the adventure,” Trebitowski said, according to the TreeHugger report. “Children thrive in learning through experience and we feel the lessons gained on the road through our travels will be some of the most valuable ones our children will ever learn.”

(The Washington Post)



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