Taapsee Signed ‘Anando Brahma’ on profit-sharing basis

Mumbai: Actress Taapsee Pannu during the “Savvy Excellence Awards” in Mumbai on Aug 21, 2017. (Photo: IANS)


Actress Taapsee Pannu worked on her latest Telugu outing “Anando Brahma” free of cost and instead struck a profit-sharing deal with its makers — something very unlikely in the southern film industry.

When Taapsee heard the script and found that there was no scope for a leading hero in the film which is the major force for the film’s budget and feasibility, she decided that she did not want to burden the film with her remuneration.

She genuinely believed in the script.

“I am today in a position where I have been saying that I don’t want to repeat things and want to do something different. And if this is a chance for me to do something different, I can’t step back just because I won’t get paid that much,” Taapsee told IANS.

“I genuinely believed in the script and so thought to take this risk which is a biggest gamble of my career,” she said.

Taapsee’s gamble paid off quite handsomely. Made on a shoestring budget, the film ended up as a sleeper hit in India and US.

Directed by Mahi Raghav, “Anando Brahma” is a horror-comedy where the ghosts are afraid of humans.



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