Systematic approach behind the Magic of Ayurveda!

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One word to describe what Ayurveda aims to attain is SAMA i.e balance, and not just of the body but also balance in mind, the five senses and the soul.

“Samadosha samagnischa samadhatu malakriya Prasann aatmendriya manah swasthya itiyabhidiyate”. Sushruta Samhita Sutrasthana 15.41

Which means that health is attained when all the three functional energies, digestive strength, all the tissues, excretions are balanced and when the soul , senses and intellect are in harmony, and in a lucid, pleasant state.

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So how does Ayurveda attain sama?
1. Being in sync with nature, i.e to have a proper balanced circadian rhythm. The meal and sleep timings are crucial to health. They should match the timings of the sun and moon.
2. Follow a diet which will not create an imbalance in functional energies/doshas.
(More info on the above two principles in the next few posts.)

If these 2 principles are followed, 80% of the health problems will be gone. The best herbal protocol and the best therapies will not be effective, if the diet is wrong.

There is a Ayurveda shloka which says-

When diet is wrong, then medicine is of no use
When diet is right, then medicine is of no use

Now let’s look at a typical protocol –

There is a systemic approach by which health problems, especially chronic ones, are handled by Ayurveda.

There are 3 phases –

1st or Detox phase- when herbs are given to increase digestive strength and remove toxins from your gut. At this stage the herbs need to be tweaked as every individual is different in processing them. It is crucial that they follow the right diet recommended, especially in this phase as the gut health is being restored.There may be more bowel movement and other digestion related changes which makes people nervous and lose faith in it. This phase is crucial and needs constant supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.

2nd or Balance phase – when the body is balanced and toxins from deeper tissues are removed. This is the phase when people start experiencing relief from their symptoms.

3rd or Rejuvenative phase – herbs are given to strengthen the tissues that were affected, so that the problem does not arise again. The food and allergen that were causing problems are gradually introduced as the tissue is getting strengthened.

The 1st two phases take nearly 2 months each, which is the time frame needed for herbs to show results and give relief. The 3rd phase can range from 3 to 6 months and usually do not need much surveillance from an Ayruvedic doctor.

Lastly, and importantly, another main player in this protocol is you! You are your own healer. Ayurveda just gives us the tools and guidance. If the disease is within us, caused by us, then the healing is also within us. So the healer is within us!!

Ayurveda gives a lot of responsibility to the patient.

Aariorogi bhishgavashyo gyaapakah sattvavaanapi AH sutrastahana 1-29



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