Swapnil Shah: Rising star on the Chicago film firmament

Swapnil Shah. Photo: provided.

Swapnil Shah is a Chicago based actor, producer and writer known for his commercial feature film Three Corners of Deception in 2021where he played the supporting role of a romantic love interest.

His comedic skills are also on display for a Sour Patch kids commercial he wrapped up in winter of 2022.

Over the last few years Shah has acted in several short films playing various characters that break the typical South Asian mold, a press release said.

Currently Swapnil is excited for the Chicago South Asian Film Festival where his film (Propinquity) in which he acted, produced and wrote along with another film (Altaf and Jamil) in which he played the main lead, will be showcased.

His family has been a great support system for him to continually keep pushing the envelope in his films, the press release notes, and he hopes to develop a body of work that his peers and family would be proud of.



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