Sudhanshu Rai’s sci-fi web series Detective Boomrah now on Disney + Hotstar

Detective Boomrah will now also be a Disney+Hotstar web series after its popularity on social media, podcasts and FM radio. Photo: Saint Arts PR

The highly-acclaimed sci-fi web series Detective Boomrah is now streaming on Disney + Hotstar. The first season of the Saints Art original, Case of the Missing Man, shows Detective Boomrah and his partner Sam investigate a bewildering case of a mysterious person, who is found in a locked room of a heritage hotel in Rajasthan and later jumps from its roof to disappear into thin air. While being an edge-of-the-seat thriller based on the concept of time travel, the series also touches upon several elements of India’s rich heritage, such as the musical instrument , the sitar.

Directed by actor-storyteller Sudhanshu Rai, the cast includes Manisha Sharma, Shobhit Sujay, Raghav Jhingran, Abhishek Sonpaliya, Akhlaq Ahmad Azad, Priyanka Sarkar and Garima Rai. The sci-fi thriller has been co-written by Puneet Sharma, who recently made his directorial debut with Chintaa Mani.

The series marks the on-screen debut of detective Boomrah, an iconic fictional character that has been a rage across social media, podcast platforms as well as FM Radio. Conceived by Sudhanshu Rai, who also plays the titular role in the series, Boomrah is unlike other iconic detectives who are confined by the realms of reality. He is a fearless investigator, who takes up cases that are supernatural, paranormal and not run-of-the-mill crimes. He’s a suave, social young man, who does not don a deerstalker hat nor does he smoke a pipe. The detective works on the philosophy that ‘Nothing is impossible’.



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