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In these uncertain times, operating a retail business has numerous challenges. The obvious challenges of stocking the store, attracting consumers, and increasing income all are common retailer major concerns. Vendors struggle with the dependability of their technical equipment, as well as the high, unanticipated costs of doing business. Surprise expenses, which are not disclosed to retailers once they sign up for credit card processing, are a violation of trust. For a small business aiming to thrive against larger-budget competitors, hidden charges can be devastating.

The “World’s Greatest POS” just got greater. National Retail Solutions (NRS) is dedicated to helping independent retail manage and grow their businesses by providing sophisticated, premium technology and solutions. The NRS point of sale (POS) system is an all-in-one system for success in a retailer industry hungry for solutions to thrive. The NRS POS comes with its own free, built-in rewards program, which helps cut costs, optimize inventory, and transactions effectively. Relevant commercials are displayed on the POS’s slick, customer-facing display. Retailers can also conduct their own specials if they choose to. Recharging phone cards is a snap with Boss Revolution® pinless recharge on the POS. For a one-stop shop, the NRS POS also connects easily with NRS PAY (and most all major credit card processors).

NRS is no longer just a POS company. NRS PAY, a payment processing service that enables any independent retailer – store-based, mobile, or virtual – to reduce payment processing costs and boost their profit margins, was launched a year and a half ago by National Retail Solutions (NRS), the operator of one of the nation’s largest point-of-sale networks for independent grocery, liquor, and tobacco stores. The numbers speak for themselves, with a low rate of 2.49 % plus 10 cents and even better rates for large scale processing. But it is the integrity on which NRS PAY was formed that actually sets it apart from other credit card processing companies.

National Retail Solutions (NRS) has a reputation of honesty, backed by an established parent company. NRS takes great satisfaction in providing honest payment processing services with clarity and no hidden charges in an industry that could be fraudulent.

Elie Y. Katz (Photo courtesy of National Retail Solutions [NRS])
“Too often, we hear about unscrupulous credit card companies. Everyone has a cousin, friend or neighbor who sells – or knows someone who sells – credit card services. But how many of these companies can you trust not to rip you off? Our customers know that we have their back. We’ve proudly built NRS on trust, and we take this very seriously.” Elie Y. Katz, Founder, President & CEO of National Retail Solutions (NRS)

Retailers can save even more money with the NRS PAY FeeBU$TER Program. Credit card processing fees are complicated, and they can be daunting for retailers, especially if there are any hidden costs. Visa, Mastercard, and other credit card corporations have raised their prices in recent months. It’s having an effect on retailers, small and local as well as mid sized individual retail industry, where regular purchases are typically low. NRS PAY has evolved to include its new FeeBU$TER plan since its launch less than a year ago. This revolutionary solution distributes credit card processing charges on to the customer for a single monthly fee, significantly decreasing retailer credit card processing costs. Customers may pay with cash to reduce costs or pay with a credit card to earn rewards, miles, and benefits on their transaction.

Sign up for NRS PAY and start saving and making more money! Learn more: or call NRS at (833) 289-2767.




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