South Asian-American lawyers’ organization launches citizenship drive


The South Asian Bar Association of North America (SABA) announced a new initiative April 19, to launch a nationwide “Naturalization Drive.”

A majority of SABA chapters will be hosting local drives on May 19, “providing support to a community that does not usually get” (sic) it, the organization said in a press release.

Spelling out the advantages of citizenship, SABA noted it “is the path to fully participating in American life.”

Citizenship allows a person to vote, freely travel, protect themselves and family members from the risk of deportation, hold a wider range of jobs, petition to unite with other family members, and run for public office.

The Naturalization Drive is targeting eligible South Asians in the community who wish to apply for U.S citizenship. Clinics across the country will be available to assist those applying for citizenship, the organization said. “It will be a great event to promote civic engagement to serve the South Asian community pro bono,” SABA said.

For more information about local events, SABA urged those interested to reach out to participating chapters who will hold the event on May 19 —  SABA Austin, SABA Chicago, SABA Colorado, SABADC, SABA Florida,SABA Georgia, SABA Greater Boston, SABA Houston,SABA New Jersey, SABA New York, SABA Northern California, SABA Sacramento, SABA San Diego, SABA Southern California, and SABA Washington.  The chapters in Connecticut and Metro St. Louis, Missouri, will hosting theirs later in the year.

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The South Asian Bar Association of North America is an umbrella organization to 26 chapters in the United States and Canada.




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