Sonu Sood to provide hearing aids and cochlear implants for the hearing-disabled

Sonu Sood is launching an initiative to help the hearing-disabled. Photo: Raindrop Media

Sonu Sood has started a new mission. The actor-philanthropist is set to provide free aid to people with hearing disability. He also said that he is working on his new endeavor, and added that he, along with his team, will also help people to get their cochlear implant surgeries done. Sonu wants to help the kids first, as a hearing-aid can help them lead a normal life.

“People don’t realize that the traffic or construction sound is harming our hearing ability slowly. Many of us are unaware of our hearing scores because we are very busy in our lives. So, I thought of taking a step to provide hearing aids across the country to those who have hearing disability. We’d also get the cochlear implant surgeries done. I am trying to do my bit for all the people who cannot hear. I am trying to give you back the right to be able to hear,” the actor said in a video that he recently posted on his social media.

With this act, Sonu has solidified his position as a messiah for people in need. Recently, the actor had saved the life of a 22-month old child in Jaipur by crowd-funding Rs 1.7 billion for the world’s most expensive injection.

On the work front, Sood will be seen in the actioner, Fateh, with Jacqueline Fernandez.



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