Sonakshi Sinha recalls her favorite scene from Dahaad as empowering



Both viewers and critics have been praising the series, Dahaad, for its gripping storytelling and acting. Sonakshi Sinha, who has left a mark on the audience with her gritty portrayal of inspector Anjali Bhaati, takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane, as she reminisces about her favorite sequence from the show.

Speaking about this unforgettable scene, Sonakshi says, “My favorite is the one where the police go to raid Anand (Vijay Varma)’s father’s house and he does not let Anjali enter because she is from a lower caste and he won’t allow such people into his home. The way that scene was written, with the dialogues so powerful, it was really moving. It was really empowering for me as an actor to be able to say those lines and stand up for myself. I could feel the power of that one line in my bones when I reply, ‘This is not your pushton ka (ancestors’) time. It is kayda-kanoon ka time, samvidhan (constitution) ka time. As a policewoman, the constitution has given me the right to enter your house. And if you try and stop me, I’ll file a case on you for trying to stop my investigation.’”

Sonakshi adds that the writers have done a fantastic job and says, “As an actor, for me to execute the sequence was extremely special.”

Dahaad is produced by Excel Media & Entertainment and Tiger Baby and the 8- episode series features Sonakshi Sinha, Vijay Varma, Gulshan Devaiah and Sohum Shah in lead roles. It has been hailed as one of the best-ever series on OTT in Hindi.



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