Sikhs in Coalition Sweep Democratic Delegate Elections in Some Ca. Districts


The Sikh community from Sacramento to Lodi joined with a diverse coalition of Progressive Democrats and Labor to sweep Democratic Delegate and Executive Board Elections in three assembly districts in early January.

According to a Facebook post by American Sikh PAC, Parveen Tumber, Amar Singh Shergill and Mikey Singh Hothi were elected as delegates while Shergill was also elected to the executive board position for Assembly District 9.

Through grassroots organizing and impressive voter turnout despite harsh weather conditions, the team won 42 out of 42 delegate seats and 3 of 3 executive positions in the three districts.

The upcoming convention in Sacramento is a great opportunity for these Sikh delegates to further increase civic engagement, the ASPAC post said.

Elk Grove Newsnet reported that in 9th district, a slate of seven candidates backed by area progressives and the Sacramento Central Labor Council swept the group supported by newly elected Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly.

The report said that the slate backed by the SCLC won all seven male and female positions. The entire delegation, which will have about 30 members, will have the rest appointed by 9th District State Assembly member Jim Cooper, State Senator Richard Pan, and U.S. Congressman Dr. Ami Bera.

“The success of the Progressive-Labor slate in sweeping all delegate seats and the sole Executive Board Position is a testament to the dissatisfaction of grassroots Democrats with the direction pursued by those in party leadership positions,” Elk Grove Newsnet quoted Shergill as saying.

“It’s time for Democrats to chart a new path that relies less on genuflecting to corporations and more on what working families want for their communities” Shergill said.