Sikh Restaurant Owner In California Target Of Alleged Hate Crime


A Sikh restaurant owner in Woodland, California, has become the target of abuse in the latest instance of alleged hate crime when unidentified vandals wrote “terrorist” and “N” word on the front wall of his Quiznos fast-food store this week.

News reports said that C.J. Singh, the owner, found those words written on the wall when he came to work Jan. 25. He said someone also tried to set the business on fire and stole money he had saved for donations and got away with the DVR for the surveillance cameras from the backroom, apparently to avoid getting caught.

Other disturbed and concerned Sikh business owners and a Woodland City Council member gathered at the Quiznos to support Singh and stand up against intolerance. “”We’re eager to move forward and figure out ways to combat the hatred and the intolerance that’s kind of resonated nationally from this most recent election,” according to a Fox40 report, quoting Woodland Mayor Pro Tem Enrique Fernandez.

Singh said in late October, someone came into Quiznos, told him to “go back to his country” then threw a rock to the window, the report said. Singh said he and his family are now shaken and upset but not angry with whoever insulted their faith. Throughout the day, customers came in to eat at Quiznos to support Singh after hearing what happened.

No arrests have been made till the time of filing this report.