Sikh community in Connecticut run unique Vaisakhi billboard campaign


NEW YORK: A Vaisakhi billboard campaign was run by Sikh Sewak Society International all over Connecticut, to mark the festival of Vaisakhi and create awareness of Sikhs and their religion Sikhism.

The campaign mainly focused in Norwich, Montville, Lisbon and New London County areas, in which they rented bus shelters locations by Lamar Company to educate fellow Americans about Sikhism and Vasakhi.

The billboards mainly focus on “Happy Vaisakhi” and “National Sikh Day” messages with the picture of a turbaned Sikh and website

The billboard pictures of Sikhs included Army officer “Kamal Kalsi” in his camouflage turban, “Sanatam Kaur Khalsa” in kesgi (turban), fashion designer Waris Aluwalia and other Sikhs who are successfully contributing in society.

Other pictures used were of Sikh boys with wearing patka (cloth children use to cover their head).

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, Member, Sikh Sewak Society International, said, “Our main goal is to make our fellow Americans feel comfortable when they see turbaned Sikh. They should know we are Sikhs and we have our distinct identity. They should know we are from Punjab state which is in India and Sikhism is not branch of any other religion”.

Khalsa added, “It is very important that everyone should know that message of Guru Nanak Dev ji was for whole mankind and not for one faith and Sikhs are follwers of Guru Nanak”.

A total of 100 signs were posted to create Sikh awareness with focus on lines that “99% people in America who tie Turban are Sikhs and not anyone else”.

“Our big Sikh organization like United Sikhs, SALDEF, Sikh Coalition etc. are doing great job in Sikh Awareness but it’s never enough. This is duty of each and every Sikh to help them as well as organize activities on their own to create Sikh awareness,” sdaid Khalsa.

The billboards were designed by Rootsgear company, based in New Jersey.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa also requested all Gurudwara Parbandak Committees to take initiative and participate in Sikh awareness activities.



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