Sidhant Kapoor collaborates with legendary Hollywood composer John Ashton Thomas

Sidhant Kapoor recording at the Abbey Road Studios. Photo: Instagram / Sidhant Kapoor

Sidhant Kapoor, the late Mahendra Kapoor’s grandson and son to actor and singer Ruhaan Kapoor, has collaborated with legendary Hollywood composer, John Ashton Thomas ,whose illustrious career spanned over 160 major Hollywood feature films, including Oscar-winning scores for Black Panther and Captain Marvel, How to Train your Dragon 3, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Twilight Saga, Fantastic Four, Superman Returns, Captain America, X-Men and others.

Sidhant recorded at the iconic Abbey Road Studios, one of the finest in the world, where artistes like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Adele and Ed Sheeran have recorded.

The orchestra was conducted by legendary Hollywood conductor and Emmy award winner Gavin Greenaway, who, according to Hans Zimmer, has the “best ears in the business”. The tracks were mixed by Grammy-winning sound engineer Ren Swan.

Sidhant stated in his Instagram video: “Living the dream at Abbey Road Studios! Here’s a teaser of the magic unfolding as my collaborative compositions with Maestro John Ashton Thomas fill these legendary halls!”

The track is called Gateway to India, which is also the album’s name. Composed by John Ashton Thomas and Sidhant Kapoor, the music is published by Audio Network.



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