Short Film Festival Cinema4Screen is back in Mumbai

Cinema4Screen will be held again in Mumbai on April 22 and 23. Photo: Kripa Ranjan Prasad

The Cinema4Screen Film Festival (the brainchild of Cinema4screen Media) is back with a bang on April 22nd and 23rd in Mumbai. After years of hard work and research, this festival started its journey in 2020 at the time of the quarantine period. It started as an online film festival to encourage young filmmakers around the globe—a perfect platform launched for young filmmakers to participate and promote their work free of cost.

The core thought behind Cinema4Screen is the belief that upcoming filmmakers struggle to complete their short films and documentaries and charging fees for submission could be an extra burden on them.

The organization has been working in the direction of film training for the last two years. They also conduct interviews of film personalities, in which the specifics of film training are discussed. So far, they have interviewed 40 professionals and celebrities from the film and media fraternity, who have shared their valuable experiences.

This year the film festival is being organized at Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai. The Mass Media department of the college will be joining hands in the execution of this event.

371 short films from 27 countries have been entered in this festival. Through the film festival, Cinema4screen aims to encourage new filmmakers.  About 50 films will be broadcast in this 2-day film festival.

Out of these, the winning films will not only be awarded with certificates and mementos, but will also be screened in other cities of India, where there is a branch of Cinema4Screen. This in itself will be a unique film festival that is starting such a campaign, The festival will also conduct film-based seminars and cine-talk with esteemed media professionals.

The jury members of this film festival are Anshuman Choudhary (festival director and founder of Cinema4Screen), Kripa Ranjan Prasad (New York-based filmmaker, educator and critic, international festival director and jury), Amit Kumar (Chapter director, Cinema4Screen, filmmaker and founder, Jamshedpur Mirror), Uday Shankar Pani (producer, filmmakerand educator), Somasubhro Sarkar (photographer), Ramesh Goyal (veteran actor), Subhash Chaturvedi (educator and scriptwriter), Rajdeep Sickdar (film and television actor), Pradeep Roy (filmmaker), Dr. Sudipta Roy Chowdhury (noted professor of media; communication), Aparna Upadhyay (actor) and Aashish Kulkarni (scriptwriter and filmmaker).

Actors Rajdeep Sickder, Pooja Jha and Tania Rajawat will be the guests of honor along with the esteemed management members of Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College of Commerce and Economics.

This unique short film festival will surely find a place in the hearts of all cinema lovers.



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