Shivangi Urges Modi To Help Reduce Maternal Mortality


Dr. Sampat Shivangi, chair of the Mississippi State Board of Mental Health who was one of the recipients of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman in Bengalaru last week, said he has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to initiate action to reduce maternal mortality rate in India.

Shivangi said that during a brief meeting with Modi he brought to the attention of the prime minister the issue of maternal morbidly and mortality in India, which he said, is one of the highest in the world, in many cases worst than some African nations, in spite of the tremendous changes and transformation of India.

He said during his meeting he requested the Prime Minister to take up the cause of the mother who is the focal point in a family but is a forgotten entity.

“I told the Prime Minister that I appreciated his ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao, (save girl child, educate girl child) social awareness campaign, but appealed to him to include and add ‘Mako Bachao’ (save the mother) that will go a long way in reducing such a devastating problem,” Shivangi said.

“Modiji was touched by my request and I am much grateful for his receptive audience. I assured him that we would join in such a movement to help our motherland,” he said, adding that the meeting with Modi was very fruitful.