Shekhar Ravjiani releases 14th independent single, Ishq-e-mareez

Shivam Sengupta, Anuj Danait, Zehlin and Sheykhar Ravjiani.jpg Photo: Picture’N’Kraft

Sheykhar Ravjiani, under his record label Garuudaa Music, has unveiled his 14th single of the year, Ishq-e-mareez. The song is composed and sung by him, written by Rajat Arora and features Anuj Danait, Shivam Sengupta and Zehlin, a student from Global Schools-Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music (GSSRSM).

This song marks a significant milestone in the mentorship journey initiated by Sheykhar, in association with Global Schools Group (GSG), fostering the next generation of musical prodigies.

In an interactive session at the press conference that marked the launch of the song at GSG’s Witty International School on December 12, Sheykhar along with GSG India Country Director, Ashish Tibdewal and Zehlin talked about the song and the vision behind it. Global Schools Foundation’s Chairman, Atul Temurnikar, was also present.

Sheykhar said, “Zehlin, who hails from Global Indian International School, one of the 12 institutions under GSG, has been one of my most promising students and I am very proud to see her shine as she features as one of the vocalists in my latest single.”

The 17-year-old student added, “I am so grateful to Global Schools Group, Mr. Ravjiani, my family and everyone who supported me in making this happen. It’s truly a dream-come-true moment, and I believe that this amazing opportunity will pave the way for my future in the music industry.”

The GSSRSM, a brainchild of Shekhar, was started in collaboration with GSG three years ago. The school of music stands as a testament to his commitment to nurturing artistic talent. Through this collaboration, aspiring musicians like Zehlin gain unparalleled access to top-quality training, learning materials and a rich repository of videos and audio examples, to hone their inherent skills under Sheykhar’s mentorship.

GSG, an initiative of the Global Schools Foundation (GSF), has 12 international schools around the world in its network, where 45,000 students from 70 nationalities study. The network believes in holistic education, beyond academic knowledge, and is dedicated to providing platforms for its students to excel.

Ashish Tibdewal said, “Our focus has been on identifying, grooming and promoting talent like Zehlin’s by providing our students with the platform and resources to reach their potential across various domains. We have multiple programs with industry associations in the fields of Sports, Science and Technology, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Performing and Fine Arts that offer our students the opportunity to excel in their areas of interest.”

The school has successfully groomed the talents of many students, spanning various aspects of music, including singing, playing musical instruments, composing and lyrics writing.

GSF Chairman Atul Temurnikar expressed pride at the achievement of the student, and said it was great to see one of our students reach such high echelons of success at such a young age “We are happy that our effort to give wings to our student aspirations is bearing fruit. The collaboration with Sheykhar was always meant to be an addition to our excellent academia, and Zehlin’s success proves that we are on the right path.”

Sheykhar’s commitment to musical education extends beyond the borders of the GSSRSM. Through engaging workshops and collaborations, he has enriched the musical landscape in schools affiliated with the Global Schools Group, reaching students in India, UAE, Japan, Malaysia, and other countries.

Global Schools-Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music is a joint collaboration between Sheykhar and Global Schools Group, with the aim to mentor and groom musically gifted students at K12 school level.

In the last three years, GSSRSM has given a chance to hundreds of students, under Sheykhar’s mentorship, to polish their inherent talents. The students of GSSRSM are chosen from any of the existing 64 campuses that fall under GSG, after a rigorous selection process.

GSG, an initiative of Global Schools Foundation, has 45,000 students studying in its 12 schools spread across Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Students of GSG also excel in academic pursuits, with more than 100 IB toppers and more than 900 IGCSE A+ and A scorers. In its more than 20 years of existence, GSG schools have won more than 500 awards for excellence in education.

Sheykhar, the second half of the popular Vishal-Sheykhar duo, has changed the spelling of his name last year. So what’s with the new spelling? Is it numerology despite things going fine? Laughs Sheykhar: “I just wanted a fresh spelling for my new beginnings.” But the name Garuudaa Musiic says something more than just new beginnings.

“Since lockdown was declared, I had mentally decided that, come what may, I was going to create a new song every day,” says Sheykhar. “I had a few lyricists ready to work for me, like Kumaar, Rashmi Virag, Rajat Aroraa and Priya Saraiya (nee Panchal, wife of composer (Sachin-)Jigar.”

Sheykhar then launched his own music label, Garuudaa Musiic, and released some singles. The label’s website states, “Envisioned to become the most powerful creative platform for talented young and dynamic independent singers, composers, lyricists and music producers, the label aims to showcase to the world an incredible reservoir of young talent that is waiting to be heard and seen.

“Garuudaa Musiic is a manifestation of strong creative synergies and believes in following your passion fearlessly with unfettered and unbridled happiness. It is a musical universe that is filled with every imaginable color that one can dream of.  Just honest, good music from the heart that wants nothing else than to make you smile and take you higher.”

Some years ago, Sheykhar had composed and sung the Marathi singles Saazni and Saavli and had released the albums Hanuman Chalisa and Adhyashakti. As he told, “Now I am seriously doing more independent music with young artistes. Film music has anyway become less important within a movie. Films like Pathaan and for that matter, even Adipurush, have just a couple of songs. The days when we had classic soundtracks with varied genre of songs are becoming rare.”

Sheykhar has also written lyrics, and sung solo for Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Amit Trivedi and Vishal Khurana and acted as Sonam Kapoor’s boyfriend in Neerja and in Marathi and Telugu films.



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