Senior Friendship Group Chicago hosts Christmas celebration  

Members of the Senior Friendship Group Chicago, at the December 17, 2023, Christmas party pose for a group photo. PHOTO: Asian Media USA

The Senior Friendship Group Chicago, a close-knit community of seniors, recently held a Christmas Party during the day on December 17, 2023.

The festivities kicked off with a breakfast featuring hot tea, coffee, and cookies, where President Harshad Patel wished attendees a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Also present was special guest Jayesh Parekh, a press release from Asian Media USA said.

Notable highlights of the event included the honoring of Jayesh Parekh by Harshad Patel, Smita Parekh, Pinki and Dinesh Thakker. Pinki shared festive greetings, sang Ganapati Aarti, while Smita Parekh sang the Pratharna and Madhurashtakam. Kanti Patel added a musical touch with a Christmas song, and Kirit Thakkar and Pinki showcased Srinathji’s Bhagan. Jayashree Pandya presented Shiv Stuti.

Jigar Kirit Shah took the opportunity to advertize Sahara Home Care, sharing information about the institution.

Cake cutting ceremony at the Dec. 17, 2023, Christmas Party hosted by the Senior Friendship Group Chicago. PHOTO: Asian Media USA

The birthdays of members born in December were celebrated with a cake cutting ceremony and dance. Dinesh Thakkar orchestrated the segment. Sunil Shah and Pinki Thakkar, with their melodious voices, initiated birthday songs, creating a lively atmosphere. Harshad Parekh started the DJ, bringing everyone to the floor.

The festivities continued with a lively Gujarati garba, where all the women participated.

The grand finale of the event featured a delicious Punjabi feast.



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