Santram Bhakta Samaj USA holds first Satsang celebrating Guru Purnima

Stage decorations at the August 1, 2021 Guru Purnima celebrations at Santram Bhakita Samaj-USA in Somerset, NJ. Photo: Vipul Desai

The Santram Bhakta Samaj of USA (SBS-USA) which was established in 1993, held its first Satsang at Somerset, New Jersey to celebrate 28th Annual Guru Purnima, on Sunday, August 1, 2021, at Ukrainian Cultural Center in Somerset, New Jersey. It was attended by more than 800 people from all across America, a press release from the organization said.

The SBS-USA follows the motto ‘Janseva’ or service to mankind, of Shree Santram Mandir of Nadiad in India, which was established July 3, 1993, by Brahamleen Pujya Shree Narayandasji Maharaj.

According to a press release from the SBS-USA, the current event was held under the leadership and blessings from the 9th Mahantshree Guru Ramdasji Maaharaj in Santram Mandir, Nadiad, India.

Devang & Anita Patel, right, of IPCO Trust, Nadiad, honored by Shankei Patel, left, of Virginia. Photo: Vipul Desai

Dedicated members and volunteers put their time and effort into the event. Similar religious events humanitarian activities are being held in Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, Charlotte, California, Boston and Houston, organizers said.

Pujya Shree Ramdasji Maharaj inaugurated Santram Satsang with “Mangla Charan Path” of Shree Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotram Path Parayan via online, It was followed by live Satsang program of Bhajans and religious music by Raj and Smruti Pandya and family for more than three hours.

On behalf of Late Indu Patel of IPCO Parivar and Charitable Trust in Nadiad, Devang and

Kunal & Ekta (IPCO Parivar) honored by Hemant Desai of Castle Hill Pharmacy, NY at the August 1, 2021, Guru Purnima celebrations at the Santram Bhakta Samaj of USA event held in Somerset, NJ. Photo: Vipul Desai

Anita Patel family were the special guests who attended the Satsang for the first time in New Jersey.  They were honored with Gold Chandrak as a memento originally received from Shree Santram Mandir, Nadiad as a Prasadi which was handed by Santram Sevak Shankarbhai Patel of Virginia. Devang and Anita Patel’s two daughters and sons-in-law were also honored by Santram Sevaks Hemant and Sunil Desai of Castle Hill Pharmacy in New York, and they were presented with a Santram memento and Prasadi.

The IPCO Charitable Trust is actively participating with in numerous humanitarian projects to uplift the needy in Gujarat. Devang Patel, is the current head of the IPCO Parivar.

Mohit and Aarti (IPCO Parivar), with their child, honored by Sunil Desai of Castle Hill Pharmacy, NY at the August 1, 2021, Guru Purnima celebration at Santram Bhakta Samaj of USA event in Ukrainian Culgtural Center in Somerset, NJ. Photo: Vipul Desai

The SBS-USA held three main events at all centers to celebrate Maha Purnima, Guru Purnima, and Diwali festivals “with spontaneous offers of gifts from devotees that make celebrations not only possible but also with (a) grand success,” organizers said.

In addition, SBS-USA continues to organize humanitarian activities to support communities including free Health Fairs, dental screening camps, flu shots, eye screening and diabetes screening.

Devang & Anita Patel of IPCO Trust, Nadiad, on right, with their family at the August 1, 2021, Guru Purnima event at Somerset, NJ, organized by the Santram Bhakta Samaj-USA. Photo: Vipul Patel

The Diwali Satsang program of SBS-USA will be held tentatively on Saturday, November 6, 2021, at Essex County College in Newark, NJ.  The organization emphasized in the press release that it “does not solicit any types of monetary collection, funding or donations,” but instead, “inspired devotees on their own to contribute and to bear the expenses for individual Satsang events throughout the year.” It did not ask or solicit any funds to organize Satsang activities, SBS-USA said.

For more information about Shree Santram Bhakta Samaj, USA, visit  or, call (732) 906-0792



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