Sanjay Tripathy sentenced to 7 years for sexual assault


Indian American tech executive Sanjay Tripathy has been sentenced to seven years in prison for brutally attacking a woman he met off a dating site in June 2016.

According to an earlier News India Times report, Tripathy was found guilty of a criminal sex act, sex abuse, assault, strangulation and unlawful imprisonment for his actions on the night of June 15, 2016, at the W Hotel in Times Square and was convicted back in May.

Since the attack, the woman has “been living every day in fear.”

“I have had nightmares where Sanjay breaks into my apartment and kills me and kills my dogs. This is something I’ll never be able to forgive or forget” she said in the courtroom, according to a New York Post report.

Tripathy had met the women on SeekingArrangments, a website which describes itself as connecting wealthy older men with “sugar babies.”

According to an earlier News India Times report, Tripathy had pushed her down onto the bed and pulled down her tights to insert his fingers inside her, after which he started choking her and threatened to anally rape her.

She tried to escape by saying she had to use the bathroom. However, he escorted her there and watched her urinate.

Tripathy even punched her repeatedly and she could see her own blood fly off from her face and land on the white sheets and walls at which point she was convinced that she would die there.

Tripathy then ordered her to perform oral on him until he reached an orgasmic state.

According to a court statement, Assistant District Attorney Kristen Baraiola said: “Tripathy allegedly told the woman she was ‘going to die’” and as “the frightened woman apparently attempted to depart the room after the date went from fun to frightening, Tripathy allegedly became more violent. He locked her in the hotel room and forced her to perform oral sex. He threatened to kill her… he choked her, causing her to have difficulty breathing. When the woman rejected his advances, the executive allegedly beat her, resulting in her split lip, broken tooth, two black eyes and a bloody nose. She saw blood literally fly out of her face after being punched.”

He then told her twice to wash her bloody face and threatened to kill her if she went to police.

The woman eventually got out of there by telling him that she had a 6-year-old daughter waiting at home for her.

In court, he insisted that the sex act was consensual and he had only assaulted her after she asked for more money.

According to a New York Post report, Tripathy’s lawyer Frank Rothman even said that the victim had “fooled” the jury.

“This was a BDSM date that went terribly wrong because [the victim] wanted more money for the injuries on her face, and when he wouldn’t pay her, she tried to extort him,” Rothman said.

“I am never going to look the same again,” the victim added.



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